Paralysis has settled into my vocal cords.

It’s hard to eat, hard to breathe, hard to speak.

Vocal cords usually stay out of the way when breathing, vibrate together when speaking, and prevent food from going down the windpipe while eating. When one or both of them are paralyzed, these actions are hindered, making it harder to eat, breathe, and talk.


Speaking is the worst.

So many experiences are lost
to a voice I can’t provide.

How do you live without making a sound?

Many people affected by vocal cord paralysis struggle with the strength and volume of their voice. When the vocal cords can’t come together as easily, the quality of sound produced worsens.


When I can manage some volume, it’s still not enough.
"So soft-spoken," I hear.

Many people do not understand why someone can’t simply "speak up." This understandably causes a lot of frustration and distress on top of the constant physical symptoms.

If I could,

I would scream.