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Along with coding and design, I write music and lyrics. Lost at Sea is one of my favorite songs I've ever written, and has helped me countless times since I wrote it. It's one of those songs that always makes things a bit better.


I spent some time looking into different block print techniques, both because I hadn't done block printing in a little while and because I didn't have access to a lot of ink and needed to use it sparingly. I also had a lot of fun at a local art store looking at different types of paper.


I broke the lyrics down into smaller sections and created illustrations for each. Using the illustrations, I hand-carved blocks for each spread and printed them. I then scanned in the prints to create the layout and figure out the position of the type.

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For a song centered around the idea of working tirelessly to get to something meaningful, there wasn't a better expression than to use block prints to illustrate the lyrics. Every spread features a hand-carved block print that corresponds with the lyrics on the page. The lyrics themselves are printed on vellum that overlays the prints, to allow both pieces to work together while giving each the ability to stand on their own.