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This site tells the story of a punk kid from Gainesville, Florida that grew to be the frontwoman of a successful band and kept the music playing even through the roughest patches in her life.


I looked into a lot of bios and interviews for Laura and read through some more personal posts she's made on social media (all while listening to Transgender Dysphoria Blues and Searching for a Former Clarity, of course).


I started by printing and cutting out several photos and textures to lay them out physically for comparison. Her story and music feel tangible, so the site needed to feel tangible to me as well. From there, I scanned the images back in to digitally lay them out.

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The design uses the idea of rust to tell Laura's story. It's one of transformation and change, where the journey and memories are displayed proudly. The photos are cut out and the headings are askew; nothing is perfect, but it all works together better than it would otherwise. In Laura's writing and music, there is a fierce vulnerability, a feeling of fighting to exist in a world that would prefer otherwise, and that theme is a huge part of her story.